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Best Streaming Service Poll

We've added the current Ion Sci-Fi poll on the best sci-fi streaming service to the crew portal because we thought it would be of special interest.

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Astrophysics Group Added

​​​​​​​A new group has been created for the astrophysics specialists will be responsible for making sense of objects encountered in space by Endeavour that aren't planets or stars.

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System Update: PDN Deployed

The Power Distribution System (PDN) has been deployed. This is the first major engineering system to become available and has taken some time to comlete because of it's complexity - the PDN impacts every other system on the vessel.

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Metaverse Poll & New Ion Sci-Fi

Episode 3 of our very own sci-fi news show has gone live and you can watch it right here!

This ween Raymond is joined by our North American correspondent Christian Baines for his take on Dune and the latest sci-fi news from Hollywood - including a possible reboot of Stargate. We see what's hitting Australian screens this week and take a look ahead to what's coming in January.

And this week's member's poll asks if the metaverse is really an interesting thing. 

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This Week's Members Poll

This year's Saturn Awards have just been presented, but not everyone thinks the Academy made the right call. Have your say in this week's member's poll - vote on the front page of the crew website with results featured in the next edition of Ion Sci-Fi.

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Ion Sci-Fi Launches

The ISDC’s very own science-fiction news show has gone to air! Ion Sci-Fi is the only news program broadcast from the bridge of a starship and takes a weekly look at sci-fi, space exploration and gaming news from an Australian perspective, supported by the Ion Sci-Fi blog posting throughout the week.

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COVID Update

You'll have noticed that we've been pretty quiet during the NSW lockdown. We've been busy - more on that below - and now that we have some post-lockdown visibility, our plan is to move cautiously towards commencing training and making the simulator available for missions.

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Encounter at P3M-F53T Part 2

The much anticipated second part to tactical officer Neeraj Anahira's blog about his experience in a hunt/kill simulation has been released.

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Ops Console Gets its First Update

The operations console just got its first update, with two design mockups of Master Systems panels recently added. When completed, the panels will provide an overview of status across Endeavour’s key environmental, spaceframe and power systems.

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Martian Star Update

The Martian Star evolution has been updated with a new overview video that incorporates the new Impulse Flight console panel. For a limited time the evolution will be availbale to all members so take a look.


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