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Encounter at P3M-F53T Part 2

The much anticipated second part to tactical officer Neeraj Anahira's blog about his experience in a hunt/kill simulation has been released.

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Ops Console Gets its First Update

The operations console just got its first update, with two design mockups of Master Systems panels recently added. When completed, the panels will provide an overview of status across Endeavour’s key environmental, spaceframe and power systems.

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Martian Star Update

The Martian Star evolution has been updated with a new overview video that incorporates the new Impulse Flight console panel. For a limited time the evolution will be availbale to all members so take a look.

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New Consoles

There have been a few exciting additions to consoles in the last couple of weeks, including updates resulting from crew feedback during tactical simulations and the first science console panel.

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Torpedoes: Weapons Direction

In this second video covering the torpedo system, we take a look at the business end: launching and tracking torpedoes to prosecution.

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Sim Meetup: Torpedoes Part 2

At this week's sim meetup we'll be taking another look at the torpedo system - this time torpedo launch and prosecution. Come in and try your hand at deep space combat! 

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Sim Meetup Video: Torpedoes

At this week's sim meetup we had a preview of the new torpedo system... so we made this video walkthrough of firing solutions, which maximise the chance of a torpedo hitting its target before even being launched.

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This Saturday's Sim Meetup

This Saturday's sim meetup will feature a preview of the torpedo system, which is expected to be available in the simulator in the next couple of weeks.

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Sim Meetup Video

At this Sim Meetup we were doing some tuning work on tactical sensors, so it seemed like a good time to walk through how EMDAR is used to detect and target other vessels in space.

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Master Chief Molly

Meet Master Chief Molly who leads the ISDC's elite beagle unit. Molly frequently joins us at the simulator, but we realise not everyone is comfortable with dogs...


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