Spectroscopic Structural Analysis

Spectroscopic Structural Analysis (SSA) utilises higher frequency scans to penetrate the exterior of the scanned object and provide insights into the object's interior.

The relative density of materials encountered by the scan as it penetrates through the object can indicate whether the object has interior spaces, whether those spaces have an atmosphere of some kind and whether organic objects of any significant size (such as lifeforms) are present.

AI-assisted analysis is used to provide insights to the operator on the interior composition of the scanned object.

Due to the need to minimise exposure to the scan's EM (which at extended levels can be harmful to organic lifeforms or reactive to certain materials) SSA scans do not provide particularly high resolution data (although SSA analysis technology is constantly improving).

Scans currently cannot provide accurate deck plans of a scanned vessel, for example, nor can they identify the type or number of lifeforms aboard a vessel.

Console Panel

SSA scans are controlled from the SC-SCN01 Scan Analysis panel.