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Designing a Bridge

I stumbled across this article just now and reminded me of the discussions had around the design and build of the training sim:

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Endeavour 3D Sketches

The first 3D models of Endeavour have been released, providing a new perspective on the proposed design. While these are only basic 3D ‘sketches’ they provide a good perspective on the proportions and fundamental layout of the hull and superstructure. Endeavour will have overall length of just under 300 metres and a mast-to-mast height of 150 metres.

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System delivery forecast

A first draft of the system delivery forecast has been published. This lists the order in which systems will be delivered for integration testing and training purposes.

The forecast starts with the most basic vessel operations such as maneuvering and maintaining awareness of surrounding space. It incrementally adds additional systems focusing first on vessel survivability.

Essentially it provides an indication of the order that systems will be added to the bridge simulator (until the transition to the vessel itself for later phases).

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Bridge Simulator Development Starts

With more ship's systems reaching late development, the need for a functional environment in which to test these is becoming apparent. At the current stage this will not require the full bridge.To this end, concepting has begun for a small scale simulator for testing purposes, along with personnel candidate screening, systems familiarisation and training, and crew co-ordination and ship-handling drills. As a secondary aim, this will allow the development team to monitor crew interraction and behavious to help inform design of the full size bridge.

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3D Printing as an Engineering Solution

Interesting article on the use of 3D printing in various space programs including at NASA:

I've had a couple of conversations about 3D printing of parts needed on board the ship - one discussion was around using this kind of technology to produce torpedo casings on demand to increase the effective inventory that could be carried on a mission, for example.

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Crew Structure

A draft assessment of the crew structure for Endeavour has been released here.

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Bridge Concept Sketch

This is high-level design sketch of another possible bridge layout. This concept draws on more traditional Ops Room/Command Centre designs, but has a more integrated approach to including specialist support teams - still acoustically isolated from the main bridge area to an extent, but easily acessible as needed.

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Bridge Layout Concept

I've been having discussions with different teams across the vessel dev program about what they want to see for their area on Endeavour's bridge. I've had a go at reflecting this in a concept layout sketch and I'd appreciate feedback and suggestions.

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Designing the Bridge

As control systems for vessel systems are being delivered, some thought needs to be given to the layout and configuration of the vessel's command centre.

The design goal for the command centre is to ensure that the commanding officer has access to the information necessary for command decisions, and that those decisions can then be executed by senior crew.

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Systems Integration - Pass03a

New update on the Naval Architecture front at the Naval Architecture Blog, regarding sensor drone and torpoedo concepts.


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