operations Branch

Operations is responsible for the efficient running of the vessel, including logistics, resource allocation and operational management.

The operations team oversees the allocation of power between various systems as well as the allocation of sensory capacity between departments (for example science and tactical) - this function is particularly crucial during alert conditions.

Other functions include the management of specific operations such as away missions - ensuring the mission is properly equipped, has appropriate transportation and is supported by the necessary communications, data and sensory resources. 

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operations Specialisations

Operations Management

The operations management specialisation is responsible for co-ordinating and scheduling operations aboard and ashore, including resource allocation and communications management.


This specialisation is responsible for the operation of communications and data links with ISDC headquarters, away missions and other vessels, including the operation of translation equipment (supported by exolinguistics science specialists).


This specialisation is responsible for managing the efficient operation of the vessel and away missions, including ensuring the appropriate equipment and resources are available. Logistics specialists also manage and maintain stockpiles of consumable (such as fuel, food, ordinance and parts).