About the Academy

Even more important than the technology and resources behind Endeavour’s construction is the preparation of the crew who will carry out the ISDC's deep space mission.

Every successful space program has recognised the training and preparedness of its crews as critical to the success of the mission. This has typically been achieved by beginning training and simulation programs well in advance of completion of construction and the ISDC is doing the same.

Recognising this, the ISDC has launched the Fleet Research and Training Academy. The Academy will deliver theoretical knowledge and operating procedures as efficiently as possible through online video seminars, reference materials and assessments. Crew will be able to practise their new skills from home on the Academy's remote simulators. Training programs are provided for each vessel system.

This training will be reinforced with simulated missions. The Academy's simulation facility is modular and new systems will be added over time, increasing the scope and challenge of mission scenarios. 

How to Train

Take a look at the training programs available for systems that you’d like to operate. Systems are always being added across tactical, operations, engineering and science, so keep an eye out.

Get Rated

You’ll see each training program is made up of one or more courses. Once you complete the courses that make up the program, you’ll be rated on that system.

A list of all courses you have underway is displayed in a personalised section on the academy home page. Each listing provides links to the course details and to direct message the instructor.

Courses typically include:

  • a training video providing an overview of theory and skills
  • technical articles which provide additional detail to the topic covered in the video
  • one or more training exercises (known as evolutions) which allow trainees to practise their new skills

Once each course in the program is completed, the rating will be awarded and displayed on your personal profile page.

Once rated, you’ll be able to operate that system in simulation missions. Your ratings will appear on your profile page as you earn them.

Tackle the courses one at a time. Each course has an enrolment button - clicking it will get you set up to take the course and assigned an instructor.

Go Active

To be eligible for active duty as part of Endeavour's crew, you'll need to qualify in a specialisation. A basic qualification requires being rated and completing simulator hours on one or more systems (each specialisation has its own requirements).

Once you’ve completed these requirements, you'll receive the uniform insignia for your qualification and an increase in rank.

Simulation Program

The Academy’s simulation program provides the opportunity for newly-trained crew to hone their skills and gain mission experience, so that they’re ready for anything a deep space mission can throw at them.

Using the ISDC’s simulation facility, crews to train together as if they were aboard, choosing from a range of simulation scenarios that can include everything from system-specific to full mission experiences. Crews can engage other crews in competitive head-to-head missions or match wits the mission operations team.

Crew can join these simulations and operate the vessel systems they are qualified on, matching wits with the Mission Operations team or honing their tactical skills against other crews.

Crew will be encouraged to form teams to train and compete for each season’s training excellence pennant.