• The Hunt Begins

    Advanced tactical simulations are now ready to join.

    Fly the ship, hunt down your opponents and secure a place on Endeavour's crew.

    Training intake for navigation and tactical specialists is now open.

  • engineering roles

    Senior roles in key engineering systems are now available.

    Build advanced fusion reactors or cutting-edge magnetoplasma impulse engines.

    Lead the teams that are making deep space exploration a reality.


Welcome to the team! Your contribution will make the dream of deep space exploration a reality. We've provided online tools to help you, which are explained in the Crew Website Guide.

Latest Updates

3 months 3 hours ago
The new simroom is ready to go for Hunt/Kill simulations, so training programs are being put in place to give crew the skills they need to participate.
4 months 3 weeks ago
Meet the flight operations console - more commonly referred to as “the helm”. It’s a multipurpose workstation that will allow a Quartermaster to fly the ship across three navigation modes. The...
1 year 4 months ago
Maintaining awareness of what’s happening in space around the ship is one of the most critical functions performed by the tactical team. Unlike in science fiction other vessels don’t just...
1 year 6 months ago
Trainee quartermasters (helm operators) are now able to experience what it will be like to have a starship under their control.
2 years 1 month ago
With design and prototyping of key vessel systems well advanced, attention is being turned to the skills and training Endeavour’s crew will need to carry out our deep space mission.
2 years 3 months ago
How many crew does Endeavour need to successfully carry out her deep-space mission? This is a question being asked throughout the vessel development team, not least because they need to ensure room...

Latest Media

Simulation facility (sim room) facing forward

Helm console looking to port, with Impulse Navigation panel in foreground.

Helm console (Impulse mode) in the sim room.

Impulse Maneuvering console panel configured for hunt/kill simulations
(see here for panel details)

An early example of a Tactical Operating Environment (TOE) grid view, showing Endeavour positioned on the grid with a planet and a TSMO (green diamond) ahead.

Touchscreen console prototypes undergoing evaluation at the VC2MS development office. Those pictured are for reactor management.