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PDN Added to Sim
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The Power Distribution Network (PDN) has been deployed within the simulator.

It’s the first engineering system to be deployed and distributes power to every system on the vessel. Given that mission critical role there’s no surprise it’s been designed as a highly redundant system.

The PDN is made up of a network of nodes that allow for power routing linked together by conduits, allowing an engineer to move power anywhere around the vessel. Power is routed between systems to meet current mission priorities and during combat to distribute auxiliary and emergency power around battle damage.

Engineers use the PDN schematic panel to manage power routing. This displays a network map of nodes supplying the chosen system. Tapping each node pops up an interface that allows the power coming into and out of the node to be adjusted.

The PDN is integrated into any console that has a power slider such as the helm. This displays how much power is currently available to the main engines (for example) and by tapping a button the quartermaster can access an interface to request more power.

An online training course is currently being completed for the PDN. Look out for its availability at the Academy.