TL-EMD01 Panel

This panel works in conjunction with TL-EMD02. It displays data from the vessel's broadband EMDAR arrays.

The panel consists of four instances of the EMDAR Waterfall module - one for each of the vessel's EMDAR arrays. By selecting a range from one longitudinal array (forward or aft) and one lateral array (port or starboard) a user selects a point in space which they suspect is location of a TSMO. This point in space may be used to create a contact.

1. Lateral Array

This is an example of a lateral array (in this case port). 

2. Longitudinal Array

This is an example of a longitudinal array (in this case aft).

3. Target Selection

Tapping an array will display a target selection line at that range. Only one target selection can be made on each lateral or longitudinal pair (tapping the opposite array will cancel the current selection). The combined selection will be displayed on TL-EMD02's Naviagtion Radial  as a range and bearing to that point in space, for possible conversion into a contact.

4. Selection Fine Tuning

These buttons adjust a target selection by +/- 100 GUs, to fine-tune the touch selection.

5. Selection Range

This is a numerical display of the range (in GUs) to the current target selection on this array.

6. EM Filter Buttons

These buttons allow display of each of the five EM bands to be toggled on or off. This allows operators to reduce complexity or noise and concentrate on particular EM bands.

7. Master Display

This array displays the current master status of the four broadband EMDAR arrays.