Academy Teams

Academy teams allow members with complementary skills and interests to form crews for simulation missions, with each crew member taking a simulator post based on their training and qualifications.

Depending on the scenario’s requirements a simulation crew might need rated specialists across helm, tactical, operations, engineering and science systems, so a team with a good mix of ratings will have a greater choice of mission scenarios.

Experienced teams will be able join the E-Pennant League and compete with other teams across a series of live-streamed sims for the pennant and season honours 

If you already have a group of interested friends you can create your own team, or you can browse existing teams to find one you’d like to join.

Creating a Team

Above: Example patch (SIgma Green team)When a new team is created its members choose its name, based on a combination of an ancient Greek alphabet letter and a colour (inspired by the Apollo space program tradition where each mission control team was designated with a colour).

A patch based on the team’s name will be created (we can help with that) which will appear on member profiles.

Each team gets their own online group space so that members can collaborate and organise sims. Nominated members will be designated as team admins to manage membership and moderate group content.