Military crew are the technical specialists of the ISDC and receive applied technical training in their chosen professional fields right from the beginning of their careers. Training and qualification programs within each branch allow crew to follow their interests into increasingly specialist skillsets as their careers progress.

For crew, qualifications are just as significant an indicator of seniority as rank. Crew with aptitude and experience can expect to become highly respected technical leaders in the ISDC.

Entry and Training

Crew will typically enter the ISDC without specific skills or experience at the rank of Crewman. After completing common training, crew will select the professional area (branch) that most closely matches their interests and will undertake broad basic training in the fundamental skills of the branch.

Direct Entry

Crew with skills or experience in fields relevant to the ISDC may enter at the rank of Able Crewman.

Crew Career Paths

Each branch and specialisation has their own training programw which operate within a common qualification framemwork with three tiers (called ratings).

Basic rating is attained when crew complete basic training in their branch. Crew will become familiar with a number of specialist areas during basic training to provide options for choosing an advanced specialisation. Basic rating is recognised with the addition of specialisation insignia to uniform and advancement to Able Crewman rank.

Crew then select an advanced specialisation to train for. Advanced rating is achieved with the completion of this training and active duty under the supervision of senior crew. Advanced rating is recognised with a badge added to uniform.

As they gain experience, advanced-rated crew will take on supervisory roles as petty officers, responsible for particular vessel systems. Training will be ongoing, with the opportunity to pursue increasingly focused specialisations.

Master rating is awarded in recognition of experience and demonstrated professional excellence, placing those who attain it at the pinnacle of their specialisation.

Crew Seniority

The most experienced crew are senior petty officers who can expect appointment as department chiefs, who are the senior technical specialists aboard. This is recognised with advancement to the highest crew rank of Chief Petty Officer.