Master CPO Alex Peterson is the ISDC’s leading EMDAR specialist, responsible for a team that operates specialist tactical sensor equipment to detect other vessels in space as early as possible.

As the EMDAR Master Chief, Peterson reviews possible vessel detections proposed by his team and decides whether they're strong enough to declare as a contact, which alerts the tactical officer on the bridge. 

Once a contact has been declared, Peterson is responsible for keeping the tactical officer updated on the contact's behaviour.

At the same time, Peterson works with his team to interpret the sensor data and determine the contact's actual location so that it can be tracked and - if necessary - targeted by weapons.

What Would I be Doing?

Interested in CPO Peterson's role as an EMDAR specialist?

Once you've completed training you'll be able to gain more experience by joining simulator missions chosen from a growing library of tactical, exploratory, scientific and diplomatic scenarios.

During missions EMDAR specialists are the eyes of the vessel, responsible for maintaining awareness of what’s happening within the Tactical Operating Environment. Unlike in science-fiction other vessels don’t just automatically appear on “long range sensors”. They can only be detected and tracked by the electromagnetic radiation they emit.

The vessel’s EMDAR system is capable of detecting EM emissions at significant distances and estimating their range but can’t determine direction. EMDAR specialists assess changes in intensity and range of EM detections across multiple sensor arrays for insights into the location and behaviour of contacts.

The EMDAR specialist’s ultimate goal is to refine the possible location of a contact enough to attain a track, which allows a highly targeted array to lock on and track automatically, allowing main weapons to be targeted.

Until then, EMDAR specialists are expected to provide as much information as possible on the behaviour of contacts.

Becoming an EMDAR Specialist

To become an EMDAR specialist you'll need to sign up as crew, which gives you access to online training at the Academy including the simulator facility.

Once you've complete training on tactical sensor systems you'll become 'rated' on that system, which means you'll be able to work as an EMDAR specialist in the simulator during missions. 

From there how your career develops is up to you. As you log mission hours you'll qualify as an advanced EMDAR specialist and eventually master specialist, making more complex and challenging missions available for you to participate in.

Your profile displays which systems you're rated on, as well as your current rank and qualification insignia.

Senior specialists may become eligible for selection to join the Mission Operations team or as Academy instructors.

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