Generation Officer

As vessel development transitions from system design to prototyping, the ISDC is searching for candidates to fill critical engineering roles. These roles will lead prototyping and construction of key systems right through to the launch of the vessel and deep space trials.

Role Description

The Generation Officer is responsible for the vessel’s power generation and distribution systems, including the fusion reactor and Power Distribution Network (PDN). This officer will command the ISDC’s Generation Program and on completion of vessel construction will be a strong candidate for the Executive Engineering Officer (Chief Engineer) position aboard.

The Generation Officer will ensure the program has sufficient resources for delivery and that all deliverables are completed to schedule and budget. This includes not just the systems themselves but also supporting operating procedures and training materials.

The Generation Officer is responsible for ensuring that the rogram’s output is aligned to overall vessel construction standards and strategies. This will require close co-ordination with programs with upstream or downstream integration points including the Spaceframe Program.

The Generation Officer will ensure the program team’s performance and delivery standards are maintained to ISDC expectations. The Generation Officer will be responsible for ensuring each member of the team gets the most from their experience with the ISDC and that their career advancement is fully supported.

The minimum rank for this position is Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) although consideration will be given to Lieutenants (LEUT) with extensive experience.


The ISDC has recruiting networks amongst the military of most contributing nations but also sees the benefit of having members make use of their own professional networks to assist recruitment.

If you can see yourself in one of these roles, use the contact form to express your interest and find out more.

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