This group covers deep space navigation, stellar cartography and vessel helm operations. It's for anyone interested in how we get where we need to go and how we get around once we're there.

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Martian Star Video Update

The video accompanying the Martian Star evolution has been updated to reflect recent changes to gimbal limits, etc in the sim. It also includes the new Impulse Flight panel.

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New Impulse Flight Panel

Anyone who's tried to navigate a course with more than a few coursepoints will probably remember having to juggle a tablet with the course points on it. Not anymore! A new panel has been added to the helm to make impulse navigation much easier.

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Compass Update

The compass has had a minor update, removing the gold indicator circle.

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Updates to Cruise Mode

The helm has been updated with latest data from engine simulations, with some significant changes to vessel handling.

It turns out the helm was significantly under-reporting EM output from helm maneuvers in cruise mode. The changes mean that achieving the maximum bearing for a given speed will require100% thrust - and 100% EM output. So to reduce EM output during a helm maneuver in cruise mode, best to select a smaller bearing (for example a bearing that is 60% of the maximum available bearing will only require 60% thrust to achieve).

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Held Bearing Execution

Here's an interesting article: a guide to executing held bearing meaneuvers, such as the radial traversal (partial planetary "orbit") seen in the recently post evolution video.

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Deceleration Charts

Impulse deceleration charts have been posted here. These provide a useful guide for when you have to stop at a particular spot.

You should always bear in mind that there's no such thing as pinpoint accuracy with impulse nav, so these charts aren't accurate to the GU. For starters, your actual deceleration distance will depend on when in the maneuvering cycle you push the engage button. But they should be good for +/-50GU.

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Helm Update

Some great new improvements have been included in the latest update to the helm, including a couple we’ve been asking after for a while.

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Think you can fly this course?

Our first navigation evolution (training and evaluation exercise) was recently posted. It's still pretty bare-bones at the moment but it gives a great idea of what's required to pilot a ship like Endeavour around.

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Civilians getting close to our nav tech?

Interesting article on "x-ray navigation" that sounds similar to our deep-space nav systems:


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Navigation Reference

Reference material for navigation has been posted in LIAIS, which has been written to support training and operations. The current material covers impulse (sublight) navigation, which is the mode where most combat will happen (for example).

This is a good place to start: or through the main menu at TECHNOLOGY > VESSEL SYSTEMS > NAVIGATION.


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