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Encounter at P3M-F53T Part 2

The much anticipated second part to tactical officer Neeraj Anahira's blog about his experience in a hunt/kill simulation has been released.

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Encounter at P3M-F53T

Lieutenant Neeraj Anahira provides a blow-by-blow account of his experience commanding a hunt/kill mission.

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Ready for Battle?

Hunt/Kill simulations are coming, which will give crew the opportunity to get their hands on advanced prototype versons of helm and tactical consoles and run competitive missions against each other as teams.

These simulations will be a great opportunity to get a feel for the way things will work on Endeavour and to log some time on watch. The first sim runs are a few weeks away but supporting training material will start appearing soon, so you'll have time to get up to speed.

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Hunt/Kill Sims Are Coming

With design and prototyping of key vessel systems well advanced, attention is being turned to the skills and training Endeavour’s crew will need to carry out our deep space mission. The most fundamental skills are maneuvering the ship and maintaining full operational awareness of the surrounding space.

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Deep-Space Combat

Tactical teams have shared their thoughts on what might happen if Endeavour goes to battlestations. As these systems roll out, we're getting a better idea what combat in space will look like.

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Combat in Space

The development of propulsion, navigation and tactical systems has begun to cast light on what combat in space will look like. System teams have shared their thoughts on what might happen if Endeavour goes to battlestations.

Broadband EMDAR

Electromagnetic Direction and Ranging (EMDAR) is a passive sensor technology that detects emissions along the EM spectrum to identify and track other vessels.

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Combat Overview

Amongst the tactical reference material that has started appearing on LIAIS is a Combat Overview article which outlines what combat is likely to look like when we get to deep space.

You can read it here: http://crew.isdc.network/liais/tactical/combat-overview-601

I contributed to the article but I think there are some debatable points made. I believe we'll really only get idea of how combat ops will go once simulation runs start (that shouldn't be far away!).

Combat Overview

Endeavour’s mission is one of exploration and discovery. In an unknown and distant environment however, the vessel must be able to defend itself if needed.

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