Generation Chief

As vessel development transitions from system design to prototyping, the ISDC is searching for candidates to fill critical engineering roles. These roles will lead prototyping and construction of key systems right through to the launch of the vessel and deep space trials.

Role Description

The Generator Chief is responsible for the technical implementation of power generation systems including the reactor and coolant/generation system. The Generation Chief will supervise the crew working on prototype construction and testing of these systems.

The Chief will be responsible for completing reactor prototype construction and implementing monitoring and control interfaces using VC2MS (Vessel Command, Control and Management System).

Once completed, the prototype will be subjected to extensive testing across both nominal and contingency scenarios, with the prototype design adjusted where needed in response to simulation outcomes. The Chief will be responsible for conducting these tests, collating data and implementing any design changes identified.

Once the prototype consistently meets ISDC delivery requirements, a production version will be constructed to the final specification and delivered for integration into the vessel spaceframe. The Chief will oversee this construction and integration process and will be responsible for system integration (SIT) testing aboard the vessel.

The Chief will make recommendations for selection of the reactor crew that will operate and maintain the reactor after vessel launch and will supervise that crew at least until completion of deep space trials.

The minimum generation rating for this position is Master, although consideration will be given to Advanced ratings with extensive experience.


The ISDC has recruiting networks amongst the military of most contributing nations but also sees the benefit of having members make use of their own professional networks to assist recruitment.

If you can see yourself in one of these roles, use the contact form to express your interest and find out more.

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