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The new simroom is ready to go for Hunt/Kill simulations, where three-person crews square off against another ship to be the first to hunt down and “kill” the other. These sims require a quartermaster (helm operator), an EMDAR technician and a commander.

We’re making available a couple of short training programs so you can get the skills needed to participate in the hunt/kill sims. The first part of each program is a seminar which will deliver theory and practical demonstrations. After completing the seminar you’ll be provided with access to a remote simulation environment so that you can hone your skills from home. You’ll also be assigned an instructor who can provide advice and support.

Once you’re happy with your skills you’ll be asked to undertake a number of “evolutions” (defined practise exercises) with your instructor. Upon successful completion you’ll be ready for the hunt!

When and Where

The first seminars will be in-person so that we can get some feedback and advice from trainees on the content before we produce on-demand video versions.

[UPDATED] In-person sessions will continue to be available on weekends.

Register your interest below (including your preference for program and day) and we’ll keep you updated.

Program Summary

There will be two programs: one for helm and one for EMDAR. Each will include a common module on the ISDC and tactical operating fundamentals.

More detail on each program will be published to the site soon, including links to supporting reference materials. We’ll forward these to everyone who’s registered prior to the seminars.

Common Modules

COM-101 Introduction to the ISDC

  • Mission
  • History
  • Organisation

COM-102 Navigation Basics

  • The TOE Grid
  • Direction and speed
  • Vessel orientation
  • EM basics


Helm Track


NV-101 Introduction to Impulse Operations

  • Drive and cruise modes
  • Heading, bearings, vectors
  • Console Operation
  • Intercept Bearing Calculator (IBC)
  • Radial Traversal
  • Impulse Navigation

TL-101 Introduction to Tactical Sensor Systems

  • Broadband EMDAR
    • Waterfall interface
    • Trend interpolation
    • Contacts
  • Narrowband EMDAR
    • Tracks
    • EM Signature

Which Program Should You Choose?

Here’s a guide to the roles needed in the Hunt/Kill sims and the program best suited to them.


Crew specialists are ‘hands-on’ experts who operate, maintain and develop the systems in their chosen area.


Helm Specialists (quartermasters) fly the vessel in all three navigation modes (although hunt/kill sims only operate in impulse navigation mode). If this interests you, sign up for the Helm track.


EMDAR specialists are the eyes and ears of a fighting ship, responsible for knowing what is lurking around the ship and providing targets to shoot at.

If this interests you, sign up for the EMDAR track.


Officers are managers and tacticians who take information given to them by their crew specialists and co-ordinate the vessel’s tactical response.

The officer roles below will take part in hunt/kill simulations. Officers should complete both the Helm and EMDAR tracks.


Tactical officers co-ordinate information and resources across their teams (EMDAR, weapons, countermeasures, EM warfare) to ensure the Conn has the information they need to make decisions and the tactical options to execute them.


Navigation officers ensure the vessel know where in space it is, how to get to where it’s going and what to expect when it gets there.

Register Your Interest

Register your interest now (including your preference for program and day) by emailing info@isdc.webtactical or using the direct message button below.