The Hunt is On
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 18:40

Take the helm...It's taken longer than we’d expected, but work on what we’ve been calling the “MVP” is done. This means impulse maneuvering and tactical systems are ready to be flown by crew in hunt/kill simulations.

Initially these will be training and test exercises allowing small crews to train up on the fundamental skills of maneuvering in space and tracking opposing vessels. These pioneering crew members will also begin filling the currently blank pages of strategy and tactics manuals.

More vessel systems will be added incrementally to the simulator’s capabilities so that other crew specialisations can begin to train as well. A torpedo firing solution capability is already being work on for addition to the simulator and – perhaps not surprisingly - damage control and power distribution capabilities will be added right after that.

Join the Hunt

This the first opportunity to sign up for active duty. The skills you’ll pick up during these simulations are fundamental to almost any role on Endeavour, even if your ultimate interest isn’t in navigation or tactical.

And the training and simulation time will go a long way to obtaining your qualification-aboard wings.

The initial focus will be on practical skills, with opportunities to begin training in leadership roles following soon after.

You can find out more about what’s involved here (although you don’t have to choose a specialisation yet):

What Will I Need to Do?

There will be couple of seminars which will explain the fundamentals of impulse navigation and the tactical environment in space. Armed with those fundamentals, you’ll be shown how to operate the necessary consoles and you’ll have the opportunity to practice remotely on your own computer as well as join group training sessions.

Initial intakes will be limited, but we hope to expand them as quickly as we can.

Keen? Curious?

Then get in touch to find out more. Or if you know anyone who would be interested, this website is a good place for them to start: